I recently started a collection of old cameras. Cameras from my past and older ones from time before I was interested in photography.
Couple of weeks ago my very first camera arrived from the USA via eBay. A Nikonos lll underwater camera from Nikon, made between 1975 and 1979. All manual controls, no electronics at all, takes 35mm film and waterproof down to 50 metres. I was stunned by how good a condition it was in, I'm sure its never even been wet! This was the camera to die for when I first started diving in 1978, way out of my price range at the time, at today's price scale I would guess it was the equivalent of paying over two thousand pounds in the 1970's, I payed £49! I'll run a couple of rolls of film through it but not underwater, still takes a good picture above water.

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